Questions + Answers
what’s required to book  our date?
we require 50% down to book + the final 50% a month prior to the wedding.
how long until we get our wedding photos?
we will have the photos to you within 6-8 weeks. it will be worth the wait, trust us!
what comes with your package?
We have multiple options for packages, contact us to get info!
what should we know about our engagement session?
these photos are going to be AWESOME, so dress AWESOME. go out and buy something new that makes you feel good. please don’t match, these aren’t for a Christmas card. You won’t need to bring any signs or props, you have each other and that is all we need. these photos are about YOU and YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!
how many photos do we get?
with our regular portrait sessions we will give you about 80-100 photos. for your wedding you will be getting somewhere between 500-800, maybe more if you are extra rad!
what about prints and albums?
yeah, we do those too. we offer them with some of our packages, but offer them separately as well .we will work with you directly to order all your prints and albums. contact us for print prices.